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Sharam and Hafez Nazeri کنسرت شهرام و حافظ ناظری

پیش درآمد کنسرت شهرام و حافظ ناظری در نیویورک November 14, 2009 – On Nov. 14, Hafez Nazeri will headline at Carnegie Hall. The young Iranian musician has been attracting attention for “Sounds of Peace,” an East-meets-West program inspired by a progressive political vision. Or is it? Troublemaker:Nazeri likes to think of himself as a troublemaker.”I was always controversial, because whatever I do, I always wanted to make change,” Nazeri says. “So many people, they don’t like it. The conservative people don’t want to see the change, and if you touch, it means you are destroying a tradition.”The 30-year-old has never been big on “Look but don’t touch.” Son of the famous vocalist Sharam Nazeri, young Hafez was only 3 when he started to play the setar, a traditional Persian lute. By 9, he was performing alongside his father at European festivals. In his latest ensemble, the Rumi Symphony Project, Nazeri is joined by his father, percussionist Hussein Zahawy and Western classical string players — a gesture symbolizing unity among cultures.East Meets West:Nazeri became interested in creating this kind of musical mix when he came to New York and studied composition at Mannes College The New School for Music.”Western composers, when they talk about Middle Eastern music, right away, they talk about quarter tones,” Nazeri says. “You know, ‘It’s so cool. Yes, how does it work?’ “Those are notes that would literally fit between the white keys and the black keys on a
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