[#3] Merchanting with 5m

In 1 hour of flipping whips and dark bows with 5m I made 538k In the past two videos I’ve talked about (1.) the basics of flip merchanting, how to choose prices, and (2.) a little bit about how to take advantage of updates. Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Unedited footage: First 30 mins : www.youtube.com Second 30 mins: www.youtube.com I plan on doing videos for different amounts of money(1m/5m/10m/25m/50m/100m/250m/500m/1b/max cash) and extra videos talking about special situations(like updates). ———————-Summary———————- -Sorry if this stuff seems basic, I’m going to give more advanced tips in videos that show more cash. These tips are for people just starting flipping. -When choosing items, lower priced items that give more profit percentagewise compared to larger items are better(1k profit on a 100k item is better than 5k profit on a 1m item(if you have a limited amount of money to flip with)). How quickly the item buys/sells is also important. Faster is better. -Watch times of day and think about people online – when lots of people are online items will buy and sell much faster but the profit per item may be lower. This depends a lot on the item. Certain high priced items like nex armor and spirit shields sometimes give much more profit at night when less people are online and flipping them. From my experience in this video, it seems as though items that have a very high trade volume don’t get better profit per item and they