Iraq War I: The Battle for the 73 Easting: US Army Fort Knox Documentary, Part 1

This video is the official US Army version of events at the 73 easting line during Iraq War I, Operation Desert Storm’s ouster of the Iraqi Republican Guard from Kuwait, the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) led by then Major Douglas Macgregor slams into the enemy’s rear guard and punches through with shoot-on-the-move firing accuracy of an all-tracked force that was the largest combat of the entire war. Lessons learned and missed opportunities to march all the way to Baghdad in 1991 and oust the Saddam regime preventing the current debacle that so far has cost us 4, 236 dead and 26, 000+ wounded Soldiers on top of over TRILLION dollars of money is the subject of Colonel Magregor’s upcoming book on the battle and the war. Find out where the Iraq Debacle began! http On 26 February 1991, cavalry troops of “”Cougar Squadron,”” the 2nd Squadron of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, charged out of a sandstorm during Operation Desert Storm and caught Iraq’s Republican Guard Corps in the open desert along the North-South grid line of a military map referred to as the “”73 Easting.”” Taken by surprise, the defending Iraqi armor brigade was swept away in salvos of American tank and missile fire in what became the US Army’s largest tank battle since World War II. Douglas Macgregor, the man who trained and led Cougar Squadron into battle, recounts two stories. One is the inspiring tale of the valiant American soldiers, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains
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