Episode 383

Avantika introduces herself to her colleagues at the college. Apart from Limaye, all other professors are not impressed by Avantika. Monisha calls up Arvind at home. Arvind asks her the reason she called. She tells him that she called him to talk to him. Arvind makes her understand that they can talk in the college too. Sulbha asks Arvind about Monisha. Arvind tells her that Monisha is behaving awkwardly with him as she has fallen in love with him. Sulbha gets upset. Arvind tells her that he will make Monisha understand. Nikhil waits for Avantika. Avantika tells him that she has informed Sulbha that she will be late as she is going out with Nikhil for dinner. Anish calls Avantika and she invites him to dinner too. Ashwini tells Abhishek that she can join work anytime. Abhishek tells her that his family name is creating obstacles for him. Ashwini asks Abhishek to talk to her father. Abhishek tells her that he will feel awkward to ask her father. Ashwini offers to sell her gold ornaments to raise money for his business. Abhishek refuses. Reema tells Avantika that it was her mistake that she took Salil away and is repenting for her mistake by staying away from Salil. Avantika tells her that Salil will realize his mistake in time. She tells Reema to go back to Salil and support him in his struggles. Sonawane taunts Arvind. Monisha tells Nikita that Arvind is interested in her that is why he has given her the responsibilities of the cultural festival. Nikita tries to talk
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