Wakko’s Wish – A Haypenny! (part 2)

Part 2! Wakko’s gone off to work and earn money, to pay for Dot’s operation. Acme falls expectantly waits his return for a full year, and what does Wakko bring? UPDATE 2: Guys and girls, I’m sorry, I will not upload “The fate of Acme Falls” again. I was fully conscious it would be taken out sooner or later, so I won’t bother uploading it again. Try to find the movie yourselves, or make a petition asking for a DVD; I’d sign it! UPDATE: Warner Bros. has finally issued an order for YouTube to take down Wakko’s Wish. It was bound to happen eventually, and by this time they’ve only taken down the first part; enjoy the rest of it while you can. I hope this is a good sign, however; at least it means WB does care about Wakko’s Wish and maybe plans on releasing the movie on DVD or Blu-Ray, or whatever format’s coming after Blu-Ray in a decade or so, when they finally realize the money they could make off a very simple port of a 90s animated movie. For those of you inquiring where I got it, seeing as there’s no DVD release, well, I got it off the web. Myself, and several users who have asked me had success with the p2p program Ares (Google it), so try there. I give no guarantees nor do I recommend it, but hey, you might want to try. I wish I could send this message to all my subscribers, seeing as they subscribed for Wakko’s Wish, but alas… Well, there it is. Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3: www.youtube.com Part 4: www.youtube.com Part 5: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5